Aush’nan (pronounced Aw-shuh’-nawn) is the world in which the Adventures in Aush’nan takes place. It is of the design of the GM Heezer who has pieced his ideas for the world together from his imagination, anime, movies, television, books, video games and everything in between, in the hopes of making a world full of wonder and danger while comprised of much of the existing functional content of the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition universe, as well as some elements from 3.5 , Forgotten Realms and Eberron.

The world features three large contnents:

  • Lobarmon’nah (The Largest)
  • Xionuz (Second Largest)
  • Kamen (The Northern Pole)
two moderately-sized continents:

  • Me’nak (The Southern Pole)
  • Southern Lobarmon’nah
and three small continents:

  • Alia’aust (The Forest Continent)
  • Northern Lobarmon’nah
  • Kadence (The Floating Continent)

as well as a few island chains and unique geological formations outside of these grand land masses.

Aush’nan is very recently recovering following the conclusion of the War of Dark Dominion, which has left scars all over the world and affected nearly every prominent race. However, despite the war’s influence, Aush’nan’s beauty is as grand as ever, featuring climates of every kind and wonders both magical and non.


Adventures in Aush'nan Heezer