Stein of Good Times

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Stein of Good times

Crafted from the finest materials and gilded with silver and gold, the handle sculpted out of jade into the shape of a dragon grasping the stein. Embossed on the main face of the stein is the crest of “The Solution”. Every member of “The Solution” is expected to have one of these.

The crest of “The Solution”

Set upon the stein of good times is a round shield crafted from gold. An axe, the blade pointing outward, and a flanged mace laid across each other in the shape of an ‘X’ rest on the shield. Both are crafted from silver.


After a profitable stint in a private army Grondar and Fletcher got the idea in their heads that they needed an item to show their up-and-coming status in the world. If they could use it to get drunk, even better!

Stein of Good Times

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