Garen Kellenar

Magistrate of Freeport


Garen Kellenar is the local magistrate of the human port-city of Freeport. He has served in this capacity for over a decade. He is locally renowned for his unwavering stance against crime and is considered a major proponent in leading the campaign to make Freeport a major point of trade in the Western Hemisphere, specifically with the Gnomes of Northern Lobarmon’nah and the newly established Dark Elves of Xionuz during the final years of the war.

He has sired six children; four sons, all of whom are helping in the post-war effort to aid the Dark Elves in Xionuz, and two daughters; Keiran and Saria, the eldest of whom is an apprentice summoner at the local chapter of the Octamarine Order.

Garen Kellenar

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