Adventures in Aush'nan

Grondar's Adventure Log - Through Wolves and Fire

As the others interrogate the hexxer, I walked over to the stone slab where we first saw the girl figure. I pull out my pipe and begin to smoke and ponder, looking around for any clues that might be there. Though I thought I had seen something, it turns out that it was nothing. Just as I finished, I turn to see the hexxer wriggle free of his hand bonds, grab his knife and cut his throat. With no more obtainable knowledge we head deeper into the woods. We come across a narrow path that is covered in webbing that is hard to see through. We notice a short path to the right that seemed to be hidden that would have allowed us to avoid the fight with the hexxer. Dorkus walks closer to the webbing and peers through the webbing. It seems as though as he has spotted something on the other side. He crept quietly up to the webbing. He signals us to move forward, but quietly. We creep forward and I see a couple wolves around a camp, chewing on the corpses of some dead bodies. The lot of the group decided to surprise the enemy whilst they eat, but I would much rather run in with my axe cocked, ready to cleave some heads.

Jacques press two fingers onto his forehead and with the other hand points two fingers at the wolf and fires a bolt of energy at one of the wolves. The bolt hits the wolf and severally wounds the wolf. At that moment, Whist forms some sort of ball of energy and lobs it at another of the wolfs. Unfortunately, it falls short of the sleeping wolf and scorches of the ground. Dorkus cast one of his spells, causing a whirlpool to form between two wolves chewing on a corpse. One of the wolves is thrown from the body and killed instantly as it hits the ground. The other wolf was, however, untouched by the spell. Wanting my axe to taste blood once again and to put fear into these wolves, I strut towards the wolves with my axe resting on my shoulder. I hear another bolt of energy fly by but miss the same wolf that was hit by the first and another ball of energy flies and hits the wolf it missed the first time. The wolves now startled by the attacks, rise and head towards us. Two of the wolf come for me and one of them bites me and latches onto my arm while the other tries to bites at my right arm, but I was able to pull away in time. The wolf that has me in his jaws tries to pull me towards his pack, but I plant my feet and pull against him standing firm. Just then, two much larger and hungrier wolfs come woods. The wolfs from the north see me as a formidable meal and run at me. One bites and chomps at my foot while the other claws at me but barely misses. I take my axe from its resting place on my shoulder as I hear from behind me a sputtering noise as Dorkus shouts in rage, “DANG IT!” I heave my axe at the wolf that has grab of my arm, but the wolf anticipates my attack and dodges the blow. As my axe hits the ground, a goblin on a wolf comes charging and screaming out of the forest. A wolf close to me, hears the goblin and proceeds to bite my arm and leaves some bite marks but not enough to injure me.

The wolves, full of hunger with the voice of their master behind them, come at us with fury in their steps. Whist and Dorkus move forward in hopes to take out several of the wolves, but are soon overwhelmed. As I swung my axe to take out the last of the smaller wolves around me, Whist and Dorkus both let out shouts of pain. I come to the aid of Whist, cleaving the wolf’s head from it’s body. Then I turned and charged at the wolf that had Dorkus in it’s jaws, rending the wolf’s body in two. Just as my axe’s blade hit’s the ground, a wall of fire erupts between us and the Goblin wolf-master. Glaring at us through the flames, he jumps off his wolf and heads towards Jacques. Jacques spots the goblin and fires bolts of energy at the goblin, eventually kill the master with one major blow forcing his body to fall into the flames. With their master dead and smoldering in the flames, the wolves become unorganized and confused, making it easier for us to destroy the rest of them.

As the final wolf fell, Whist calms the wall of flames, leaving scorched scar on the land of the battle that had just finished. I wondered over to the ashes of the goblin that was in the flames. Through ash and smell I was able to recover a small pouch that had a horrendous odor coming from it. Braving the smell, I reached in to find a few coins of gold and such in it. The others gathered up the wolf carcasses and skinned them for their pelts and put them in my pack to carry. We prepared to set off again to find the little girl, Dorkus put a stiff ear to the wind and heard some cries coming from both the south and the east. Both sounded urgent, but he said that the east cries sound more like the sounds of a little girl in need of help.



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