Adventures in Aush'nan

Grondar's Adventure Log - There's Talking and Then There's Fighting!

After traveling a couple days, we make it to the Sigilan Woods. As we enter into the woods, we spot a little girl surrounded by wolfs. The half-elf and the elf both notice that the girl is the daughter of the magistraight. Dorkus did notice that there was something shiny about the wolfs but nothing else. While the three of them continued to discuss the situation, I grew tired of the talking and shouted to the others, “While you men discuss your fancies of what wolves are, my axe and I thirst for battle!” and I charges in. As I charge in, all the creatures and the girl begin to shimmer and swirl. The creatures turn into several goblins and a some beetles. The girl becomes a goblin, who turns and jumps off the rock and yells, “Get them!” as he runs away. As he runs, he fires a bolt of light at my face, blinding me. Even as I am blinded, I still thirst for battle and swing my axe at the area of the rock and hit something. The axe swings and hits something and feels like it pierces flesh. I shift to the side as my vision returns back to me and I see a bloody beetle in the area that I had swung. The goblins attack me and several miss, and just as they do, Jacques attacks and damages me and slides me closer to the rest of them. My feet come to a stop just as a water phalange hits me by Dorkus’ hand.

The hexer casts a spell that causes a cloud to appear. I want his head and charge into the cloud to take him out but unfortunately miss him. He shifts out of cloud and out of my vision. Just as his hand leaves from my vision another goblin appears in the cloud and stabs at me with his short sword. I tried to get away but was unable to dodge his hit. From outside the cloud I hear a rumble and a bright flash hits the cloud and flies over head. I turn down to see that the goblin has left the cloud as I hear the sound of battle outside of my vision. Wanting more that just sound, I leave the cloud to find a beetle and the goblin standing there. I raise my axe in the air and hack and hew at the two of them causing major damage to the beetle and killing the goblin. As I swing at the goblin the beetle burrows under ground and out of my sight only to be left again alone. Out of the corner of my eye I see the hexer heading towards the trees. I charge towards him, my axe pull back above my head, screaming a blood curdling scream as I draw near. As my feet plant before him, axe pulled taught as about the cleave him in two, the hexer drops to his knees and begs for surrender. I turn my head to see Jacques behind being attacked by the two beetles. He is able to kill one and the other is destroyed by Whist.

Knowing that the others would want interrogate him for information, I pull out my rope and bind the hexer hands and feet, readying him to be questioned.



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