Adventures in Aush'nan

Grondar's Adventure Log - Boos and Beginnings.

I spent several hours today at the local bar in Freeport, drinking against Dorkus, after having just come back from fighting off some wolves that had been attacking some travelers. Dorkus thought that this time he might be able to hold his liquor better than a dwarf, but once again he was wrong. As Dorkus laid on the ground in a drunken stoop, I left to help the bar maid grab another cask of ale. While in the back, I heard the door to the bar slam open and some desperate pleas with Dorkus coming from the front. As I came to the front, there stood a man at the bar, out of breath, asking Dorkus for protection from some men that were after him. We offered to help the man and just as we did, several of the towns guards came into the bar demanding for the man. The man dropped a bag of coins on the counter and rushed into the back room. I jumped onto the counter and began asking questions as to why they wanted the man. They didn’t offer any answers, rather they wanted a fight, so we gave it to them. Lashing about, I knocked out several of the guards with while Dorkus handled a couple as well. Nearing the end of the group, several more came in and attacked us as well. We were nearing the end of the group when the captain of the guard came in and ordered the halting of his men. He asked us several questions about who started the fight and where the man was. After a few minutes of discussion, we handed over the man, who was dragged from the back by the barmaid unconscious.

As they left, Dorkus and I got one more drink in before we went out into the streets to hang signs looking for new recruits to our company. Dorkus, after hanging one sign, became tired from the fight and returned to the bar to get a short rest while I continued to hang the signs. A few moments later, Dorkus returned to continue hanging signs but soon became tired again. I didn’t want any of his excuses so I forced him to hang the signs and I kept a close eye on him. As he hung the signs, I went over to the market and talked to one of the venders that I had help out previously and bought an apple from him. He gave me the apple free of charge for helping him out when he was on the road.

Just a Dorkus finished hanging the last sign and headed towards me, a man dressed in black attire and his face covered with black cloth, appears out of nowhere. He tells us that his master has a job that he would like us to perform for him. I asked if there was any money in it and he tosses me a bag with gold in it. I look at the man for a bit and we agree to follow him to where his master is. He takes us to a mercenary office where inside we are greeted by a man sitting in a chair behind a desk and 2 other men, a half-elf and an elf. The man tells us that the majestraight’s daughter has gone missing and that he needs someone of our talents to go and retrieve her. He tells us that we would be paid handsomely for the job and that other things might come as well if we return with her safely. I have no need to think it over and accept the job, my axe longs for the battlefield. The others had questions they asked and they eventually accepted. We then left the office to talk to the two others that were in the room with us. They tell us their names are Whist and Jacques. I am not sure but something odd about these two doesn’t seem right. I will need to keep a close eye on them until I find out what is so odd about them.



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