Adventures in Aush'nan

Chapter 1 - Freeport and the Magistrate's Daughter ((PART 3))

Into the Wolves' Den

When we last left our heroes at the mouth of the Sigilian Woods, they had just defeated a slightly cunning group of Goblins led by an unnamed Goblin hexer, and had captured said hexer with intentions to interrogate him. However, interrogation proved difficult as the pint-sized goblin had no intentions of divulging any pertinent information. After a few minutes of fruitless attempts by Fletcher and Jacques, Whist became frustrated and decided to use his Psionic abilities to rip the information from hexer’s mind and learned a few interesting facts; the group of goblins he served were led by an apparently fearsome Goblin, however whist was unable to come across a name. Also, the girl they were seeking was, as far as the Goblin knew, unharmed and being kept somewhere deeper into the woods. However, these points withstanding, no major information was gained.

Suddenly, the Goblin in custody, struggled against his bonds was able to free one of his arms and, reaching into his diminutive boot, produced a tiny blade and cut his own throat. Their only lead now dead, the adventurers decide to proceed further into the woods.

As they continued in and the sun began to set over the horizon, they came across a campsite where a rather large bonfire had just been started and was surrounded by a group of rather vicious looking wolves. However, they remained undetected. After careful consideration, it seemed the only way past the wolves was through them and so our heroes launched a successful sneak attack and proceeded to clear the camp. However, as the battle began, one of the wolves, small globs of foam dripping from its jowls, howled and the already good-sized group of wolves were joined by three more Bloodmonger Wolves, one of which had a Goblin Wolfmaster riding on its back. The Wolfmaster began directing the wolves, who readily obeyed his commands. However, by the time this would have made a difference, it was already too late. Many of the weaker, malnourished looking wolves had been promptly dispatched and shortly thereafter, most of the other wolves met the same fate, at the able hands of our eclectic group of heroes. In the end, the Wolfmaster met his fate at the hands of Jacques and the last of the wolves was put down by Grondar’s mighty axe.

The wounds from the battle were mildly severe; Whist sustained several bloody bites, as did Fletcher and Grondar. Jacques had remained in the background of the tree line for most of the battle and did not get too close to any of the assailing beasts. However, little time was needed to patch up and prepare to move on. After skinning the wolves and searching the corpse of the Wolfmaster for any items of value, the group pondered the fork in the road that they had come to. As they did, from both directions came a scream, one very much like that of a scared little girl and the other, which sounded much closer and seemed a facsimile thereof, though it was noticeably, specifically to the trained ears of Fletcher Highwater, different. Now, the decision… take a chance on Fletcher’s instincts and trek much deeper into the woods, or check out the much closer option in hopes that the girl is not too far away.



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