Adventures in Aush'nan

Chapter 1 - Freeport and the Magistrate's Daughter ((PART 2))

Welcome to the Sigilan Woods

We met up with the four adventurers as they were nearing the most travelled enrtance into the Sigilan Woods, two days following their leaving of Freeport. As they approached the entrance to the forest at large, they stumbled upon the scene of the magistrate’s daughter, Saria, trapped upon a large stone table, surrounded by several Timberwolves and being defended by two large dogs, who stood growling, at her side, also on the table.

The party tarried only a moment, unseen, to see if the scene was a rous, since this seemed a little to good to be true; that they had found Saria so quickly. Fletcher could swear that there seemed to be something amiss with the wolves themselves, not to mention a few oddities in the tone of the setting. Jaques also realized that there was something magical afoot, but was unsure as to its nature. However, not wishing that any harm come to their charge, Grondar hurried to her rescue.

As Grondar neared the table, greataxe raised in the young girl’s defense, the scene did prove to be an illusion; skillfully crafted by a Goblin Hexer, who had been impersonating the girl. The party immediately rose to arms as the illusion broke: the wolves turned out to be Goblin Cutters and the dogs defending the girl were, in fact, Leafcutter Beetles which are native to the Sigilan Woods.

The battle left the halved, exploded, and twitching bodies of the assailing Goblins strewn to and fro about the battelfield, and after chasing down the fleeing hexer Grondar frightened him so badly that he pissed himself and surrendered. The party suffered only minor wounds and abrasions from the fight, and stopped to rest for a moment. Now, what to do with the hexxer…



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