Welcome to the world of Aush’nan!

…and welcome to the campaign’s homepage. The first thing you should do is check out our Wiki to catch up on recent events and the party members as well as familiarize yourself with the grand setting in which Adventures in Aush’nan takes place. Then, feel free to check out our Adventure Log ; where we will keep you posted on the adventures of our four heroes as they unfold. Currently, we are building our unique items list and we are working on a semi-functional map of the world so that you can delve ever deeper into Aush’nan and enjoy it as if it were an epic movie or written work of fiction. NEW: An offsite atlas site to contain all of our maps has been created, once we recieve our copies of Campaign Cartographer 3 and City Designer, we will begin posting maps as they are used.

The plan, currently, is to take the adventure all the way from Level 1 and, if all goes well, past the current D&D level cap of 30 on an immense, magical adventure across the realms of the AiA universe. Not only that, but, should things go as they are planned (as they rarely do) we will also have a podcast of our sessions available from either iTunes or another website.

As would be expected, this and all our pages will be updated and expanded as we go along.

Also, please note that the forums for this campaign are not being used currently and therefore will only be periodically checked. However, should things pick up, it will be utilized as well to allow anyone who is interested to take a part, small though it might be, in AiA.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy.

~ The Adventures in Aush’nan group;
GM Heezer
The Thinman
Mad Air Man

Adventures in Aush'nan

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